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P760 with Encoder

P760 Stepper Disc Magnet Motor with Encoder

P760 EN Disc Magnet High Speed Step Motor

P760 EN

Portescap disc magnet motors provide exceptional dynamic performance unparalleled by any other small diameter stepper in the market. The unique thin disc magnet enables finer step resolutions in a given envelope, significantly higher acceleration and greater top speed than conventional steppers.

Product Highlights

  • Precise - well suited for microstepping
  • Fast - disc magnet enables fastest acceleration and highest top speed of any step motor while maintaining accurate positioning
  • Unique - low detent torque and highly customizable
  • Adaptable - higher steps per revolution than similar diameter steppers

Customization Available

  • Coil modifications - resistance and inductance
  • Custom shafts - flats, knurling, diameter, length
  • Gearheads for increased torque
  • Sleeve or ball bearings
  • Wiring - connectors, lead length, shrink tubing


Part Number P760 0.4 05 HEDS 5540 A11
Motor Diameter (in) 2.33
Motor Diameter (mm) 74
Shaft Play - Axial (μm) 25@5N
Shaft Play - Radial (μm) 25@5N
Step Angle (degree) 7.5
Steps per Revolution 48
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +50
Ambient Operating Temperature Range (°F) -4 to +122
Electrical Time Constant (ms) 4.7
Rotor Inertia (gcm²) 17
Weight (g) 700
Weight (oz) 25
Absolute Accuracy 2 ph. On, Full Step (degree) ± 0.38
Coil Temperature, Max (°C) 130
Coil Temperature, Max (°F) 266
Detent Torque (mNm) 20
Detent Torque (oz-in) 2.8
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (VAC) 500 for 5 seconds
Inductance per Phase, Typical (mH) 2.1
Angular Acceleration (nominal current) (rad/s²) 190000
Axial Shaft Load, Max (N) 30
Axial Shaft Load, Max (oz) 108
Back EMF Amplitude (V/kstep/s) 7.1
Holding Torque, 1.5x (nominal current) (mNm) 485
Holding Torque, 1.5x (nominal current) (oz-in) 68.7
Holding Torque (nominal current) (mNm) 325
Holding Torque (nominal current) (oz-in) 46
Nominal Phase Current (1 ph. On) (A) 6
Nominal Phase Current (2 ph. On) (A) 4.3
Power Rate (nominal current) (kW/s) 58
Radial Shaft Load, Max (N) 20
Radial Shaft Load, Max (oz) 72
Resistance per Phase, Typical (Ohm) 0.4
Thermal Resistance Coil-ambient (°C/W) 4.5
Feedback Type Encoder
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