Empower Your Application With Portescap Ultra EC 16 ECP Brushless DC Motors

Portescap introduces the16ECP motor, the newest addition to the Ultra EC™ brushless slotless motor platform. The Ultra EC platform currently includes the 22ECS motor, a 22 mm diameter motor available in 2 lengths, which is specifically optimized and tailored for respirator applications. All products from the Ultra EC platform share a best in class magnetic circuit that provides exceptional efficiency and design flexibility to allow the Ultra EC platform to be optimized for exact customer working points.

The 16ECP is an excellent choice for many BLDC motor applications, especially applications requiring high efficiency and long life. This is because the 16ECP, a 16 mm diameter brushless motor, can be adapted and optimized to meet a wide range of different torque and speed working points.

The Ultra EC coil, the heart of this motor, makes it possible to lower the amount of power losses (Joule losses and iron losses) for a given working point to a minimum. Taking advantage of this technology, engineers designed the 16ECP to achieve the following BLDC motor performance:

  • optimized for low to medium speeds
  • impressive maximum continuous torque at low speed (for a 2 pole motor)
  • maximum power between 40 K and 55 K rpm
  • maximum rated speed around 60 K rpm.

The 16ECP performance results are achieved using the right amount of complexity, minimizing motor size and avoiding use of expensive materials to make the 16ECP both high performing and economical. The 16ECP embeds customary Portescap quality design standards for bearings, electronics, and assembly, to ensure motor reliability and long life.

Lower speed applications, such as applications using gears, or the redesign of applications that previously used brushed DC motors, are ideal uses for the 16ECP coreless BLDC motor with these technology advantages. For medium speed applications, the 16ECP’s impressive figures of merit will result in lower speed drop and lower heating under torque.

The new 16ECP motors are available in 36 and 52 mm length (16ECP36 and 16ECP52 respectively), with hall sensors and 3 different coils each to match your speed voltage requirements. Contact your local Portescap representative for customization possibilities such as gearboxes, encoders, sensorless versions, different coils, or any mechanical interface modifications.

  16ECP 36-380 36-245 36-108 52-220 52-112 52-49
Commutation   with hall sensors with hall sensors with hall sensors with hall sensors with hall sensors with hall sensors
Diameter in mm   16 16 16 16 16 16
Power in Watts   23 23 23 36 36 36
Standard coil name   380 245 108 220 112 49
Nominal Voltage   24 24 24 24 24 24
No-load speed   8100 12420 29000 6144 12100 27800
Max. continuous torque mNM / oz-in 6.4 / .091 6.6 / .093 6.6 / .093 14.1 / 2.00 14.3 / 2.03 14.8 / 2.20
Motor regulation R/k2   71.9 67.8 68.3 17.2 18.3 17.2
Mechanical time constant   3.9 3.7 3.7 1.9 1.81 1.8
Electrical time constant   0.08 0.08 0.08 0.1 0.1 0.1
Max. motor speed   63000 63000 63000 55000 55000 55000
Thermal resistance   coil-housing:3.5 housing-ambient: 20.5 coil-housing:3.5 housing-ambient: 20.5 coil-housing:3.5 housing-ambient: 20.5 coil-housing:3.0 housing-ambient: 18.5 coil-housing:3.0 housing-ambient: 18.5 coil-housing:3.0 housing-ambient: 18.5
Mass  g / 0z 36 / 1.27 36 / 1.27 36 / 1.27 56 / 1.98 56 / 1.98 56 / 1.98
Rotor Inertia    0.6  0.6  0.6 1 1 1


Portescap’s Ultra EC motor platform also includes more specialized motor series, such as ECS for high speed optimized motors and ECT (coming soon) for high torque/lower speed applications. Several diameters, including 16 and 22mm, will be available.

Figure 1


Typical power curves comparison for ECS-ECP and ECT motors having similar size

Figure 2

16ECP52 Continuous Operation

16ECP52 (52mm long): Maximum continuous working domain with coil below 125°C, and with no help for cooling

Figure 3


16ECP36 (36mm long): Maximum continuous working domain with coil below 125°C, and with no help for cooling