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Disinfection Through Medical Washer

Medical washers (sometimes referred to as medical dishwashers or thermal disinfectors) are automated machines used to wash and disinfect medical devices and remove bioburden prior to sterilization. The process introduces hot water and specialized high pH cleaning detergents to the wash chamber making the environment especially harsh. Portescap performs in-house washer durability and performance testing on motors. On most motors, the high pH water present in the washer saturates the motor internals and electronics leading to electrical shorts as well as material failures and corrosion. This in turn results in poor performance or failure. Portescap’s proprietary sterilizable motor design is capable of lasting hundreds of washer cycles with little or no degradation to performance.

Sterilization Through Autoclave

Sterilization is the process of completely destroying microorganisms on an object in order to render it sterile. An autoclave is a machine used to sterilize equipment, components and supplies by applying alternating positive and negative pressure and high temperature steam. Used for most medical and dental devices, the steam autoclave process provides a means to sterilize all surfaces exposed to the steam. Portescap performs in-house autoclave durability testing on motors using hospital grade equipment. On most motors, the pressure, steam and temperature can lead to premature damage or destruction of bearings, sensors, magnets and stators resulting in either poor performance or motor failure. Portescap’s proprietary sterilizable sensored motor design is capable of lasting over 3000 autoclave cycles with little or no degradation to performance. Learn more about our design approach for sterilizable motors.

Portescap Technology

Portescap’s proprietary autoclavability technology for our brushless DC slotted motors has been developed over years of experience in medical and dental applications. Portescap strives for market-leading reliability through innovation and continuous improvement. Breadth of application know-how, from surgical and dental tools to a variety of medical devices, plus motor technology expertise, enables us to offer custom-engineered motion-control solutions to meet a spectrum of performance needs.

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