Precision & Accuracy

Stepper Motor Precision and Accuracy

Disc Magnet Stepper Motor Internal Rendering


In a motion application, accuracy is the ability of a motor to achieve an exact rotational position. Precision is the ability of a motor to consistently repeat the desired motion. Applications such as medical analyzers require precision and accuracy in microns as samples are handled and pass through various stages of the workflow. The mechanical construction and added components determine the accuracy and precision of each motion solution.

Solution Overview

The number of pole pairs of the magnet determines the degree of accuracy; higher pole pairs provide increased accuracy. Innovative construction concepts deliver high accuracy without the need for additional components, reducing the total cost of ownership.

If necessary, external components are added to the motor to enhance the accuracy. The two key components are encoders and gearboxes. Encoders provide a means to track and control the position of the motor, ensuring accurate movement.

Gearboxes provide finer mechanical accuracy as they divide the shaft rotation into finer increments based on the gear ratio. The output shaft is capable of moving in smaller increments mechanically, leading to finer movements.

Portescap motor designs ensure high precision based on their internal construction. Years of design experience go into every motor, yielding consistency with every movement of our motors.

Portescap Technology

Portescap's disc magnet steppers, thanks to their unique disc design, allow for a higher number of pole pairs than permanent magnet step motors of similar size. The P110 has 40 steps/revolution while a typical 15mm permanent magnet step motor can deliver only 20 steps/revolution.

Our MR2 encoder provides a line count up to 512, giving the ability to position the motor shaft with high accuracy. The motor shaft movement is monitored and can be corrected to the required position via the closed-loop magnet-resistive system.

The R series gearboxes provide ratios up to 1,090:1, making small incremental shaft movements achievable. The increased resolution gives new options when fine positioning is required for an axis movement.

Portescap's linear actuators convert rotational motion to linear motion, eliminating external components and driving finer movements. Different lead screw pitches give options on the level of accuracy, allowing it to be tailored for each motion axis.

Portescap high efficiency motors are perfect for the following applications: