High Torque Motor Solutions

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Torque is the amount of rotational force that a motor generates during operation. In a given application, the torque for each axis is defined by the specific requirement in the machine, which is required to move the object driven by the motor. The torque requirement of the axis determines the size of the motor and any gearing necessary.

Solution Overview

Portescap engineers aim to optimize the torque output of the motor during the design phase. The key components involved in torque production of the motor are the magnet, the winding and the flux path. The energy content of the magnet drives the strength of the motor but a balance must be achieved between power and cost. Also, the higher the number of pole pairs in the magnet, is the higher the amount of torque for the same dissipated power. High torque stepper motors are an example of this, as they have a higher number of pole pairs for a given motor size. Portescap engineers optimize the design based on the physical size, energy content, pole pair count and geometry of the magnet.

Copper content of the winding contributes to the power provided by the motor. Striking the right balance is important for creating high torque stepper motors that can maximize torque without drawing a tremendous amount of power. Flux path guides all of the magnetic field in the usable channel, minimizing losses. A high torque stepper motor that produces high power but has high losses does not benefit the application. Understanding the complete motor design allows Portescap engineers to pack the most power possible into the smallest motor package.

Portescap Technology

Portescap designed the Athlonix DC Coreless motors to maximize torque output while keeping the diameter and length minimal. High-energy neodymium magnets provide the foundation for the torque density of this motor series. High-capacity windings increase current density and electromagnetic intensity with minimal joule heating. The advanced air gap design requires less power to achieve the high torque output, allowing the motor to operate at a high efficiency. An additional method to increase torque output is by using gearheads. The DC gear motors provide a higher torque output through the gearbox with the accompanying reduction in output speed.

Portescap high torque motors are perfect for the following applications: