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Power density (or volume power density or volume specific power) is the amount of power (time rate of energy transfer) generated per unit volume (of the motor). The more powerful and (or) the smaller the motor in envelope size, the higher the power density. Volume power density is an important consideration where space is constrained. The motor design aims to minimize space for the highest possible power output. High power density enables miniaturization of applications and end devices and is of the utmost importance for portable or wearable applications (e.g. miniature pumps and medical implantable devices).

Solution Overview

Magnetic flux path in a motor guides the magnetic field in the usable channel, thus minimizing losses. A small electric motor that produces high power but has high losses is not the most effective solution. Using innovative design concepts, our engineers develop high power density electric motors that can deliver maximum power in the smallest footprint. Powerful neodymium magnets and advanced magnetic circuit design generates higher electro-magnetic flux to deliver best-in-class power density. Portescap continues to innovate electromagnetic coil technologies to deliver power in ever-smaller motor sizes. We can build small DC motors with closer tolerances because of our advanced design. This results in less energy input per unit of torque output because of a narrowed air gap between the rotor and the stator.

Portescap Technology

Portescap's proprietary brushless slotless winding design delivers unmatched motor power density to a spectrum of medical and industrial applications. Gearhead integration provides high power density electric motors for high torque applications. Our customized winding design provides optimized solutions in the smallest possible envelope based on the application's specific performance needs. Linear actuator solutions with an integrated leadscrew provide high motor power density in a small package. This is an ideal solution for axial motion needs. Miniature integrated encoders (e.g. MR2), MRI filters and thermistor options are available to save space and reduce application footprint.

Portescap high power density motors are perfect for the following applications: