Other Motor Applications

DC Motor Applications

Portescap solutions continue to provide extraordinary torque density, efficiency and reliability for a wide variety of OEM markets and applications.

Typical Motor Requirements 

  • Motor power density for compact and lightweight design

  • Efficiency for low power consumption

  • High acceleration for rapid movement

Other Applications 

Assembly Tools Nut Runners Machine Tools Packaging Machines Automated Teller Machines Ticketing and Gaming Machines Telecommunications Equipment Audio and Video Equipment Data Storage Printing and Copier Machines

Rotary Tattoo Machine Motors

Rotary tattoo machines are easier to set up and require less tuning and maintenance than traditional coil machines.


Stage Lighting

Linear actuators can bring intelligent stage lighting equipment to the highest technical level.


Damper Actuation

Can stack precision step motors deliver industry-leading motion performance in a compact package.


Refrigeration Valve

Geared can stack motors and direct drive linear actuators allow for streamlined integration into the valve body.


Automated Watch Winder

Portescap’s DC coreless motors with gearheads provide high efficiency, low current consumption, high impedance coil capability.

Automated Watch Winder Motors

Oil Drilling and Extraction

Portescap’s brushless DC motors are designed to withstand shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures.


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