Motors for Cockpit Flight Controls


Cockpit Flight Controls

Cockpit Flight Controls, also referred to as inside-the-cabin controls, provide pilots with the ability to guide an aircraft's direction in flight. These devices transmit the pilot's commands to the control surfaces for fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft while also offering active force feedback to the pilot; this allows the pilot to see and feel motion on the flight controls, which is similar to feeling resistance on a vehicle's steering wheel when making a turn.

Portescap's motion solutions are ideal for active force feedback devices like Side Stick Units (SSU), Rudder Pedals/Rudder Brake Pedal Unit (RBPU), Throttle Control Assembly (TCA)/ Throttle Control Quarter (TCQ), as well as Autopilot/Auto-Throttle and Smart Actuators.

The critical nature of cockpit flight controls requires miniature motors that are reliable and precise, while space and weight constraints demand compact, lightweight, and power-dense (SWaP) solutions. Our Ultra EC brushless DC slotless designs deliver excellent performance while optimizing envelope size and weight, and our BLDC slotted solutions deliver increased ruggedness and power in very optimum packages. Portescap also offers gearheads and encoders to extend the torque and feedback capability for any of these motors.


  • High output torque, minimum cogging, and low inertia for quick start and stop
  • Compact and lightweight envelope to reduce space and weight
  • Precise speed or position control when paired with a feedback device (hall, encoder, resolver)
  • Low EMI to minimize/avoid interference with other avionic devices
  • High reliability and long lifetime

Customization Options

  • Consultative design approach to meet exact performance requirements
  • Expertise to leverage diverse motor topologies, including slotted design for robustness or slotless design for weight savings and simplicity
  • Capability to support integrated solutions
  • Design and manufacturing capabilities in USA and India to balance export compliance requirements, delivery, and price to performance
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