Motors for Valve Actuation


Aerospace Valves

Many valves and actuators are used on aircraft to perform a variety of critical functions, including regulating the flow of fuel to the engine, controlling liquid coolant flow, and controlling the airflow into the environmental control systems. Given their location in the aircraft, motion solutions for these applications must be suitable for extreme conditions yet capable of maximum performance in small frame sizes. Portescap's motor technologies are able to meet the needs of these applications whether through the speed and quick response of the coreless brush DC motor or the unparalleled precision/acceleration combination of the disc magnet stepper.


  • High power density with low inertia for quick start and stop
  • Precise positioning
  • Capability to withstand harsh environments
  • Open or closed loop control

Customization Options

  • Ball bearings for longer life
  • Gearheads to increase power
  • Encoders for position feedback
  • Shaft length
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