Energy Efficient Motors for Electronic Access System


Security Access Systems

Portescap has changed the way doors are opened and closed. Working closely in a collaborative design partnership with our customer, Portescap innovated miniature energy-efficient motors and electro-mechanical locking systems for commercial door applications. The innovation is an alternative to conventional "electrical strike" door release mechanisms. Our advanced solution delivers greater durability while consuming less power, thus reducing the carbon footprint of security doors. Portescap has been a part of a fundamental shift in commercial locking and release technology, an accomplishment celebrated often – and securely – when someone uses a key card or is allowed access into a room.


  • High efficiency extends battery life
  • Gearbox options increase torque and precision
  • Small diameter motors for tight spaces

Customization Options

  • Lead screw integrations
  • Winding customizations
  • Shaft customizations
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