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Pruning is the most manual and time-consuming job in the Viticulture and Horticulture industries. When productivity and fatigue become a challenge, efficient power hand tools are the solution to save time and increase throughput. Light and powerful motorized pruning shears help to reduce fatigue and repetitive motion injuries versus manual pruning tools in many contexts such as viticulture, orchard and tree pruning, arboriculture and forestry pruning work, parklands and local councils maintenance. Motorized pruning shears are able to increase the speed and cutting force while maintaining an acceptable user hand temperature, allowing the operator to complete a full work day. With our line of Ultra EC brushless motors, you can get the high torque density you require, all while maintaining a smaller and lighter tool.


  • Ultra EC motors provide high torque density which in turn enables smaller and lighter tools
  • High efficiency increases battery life and duty cycles
  • High speed reduces cycle time
  • BLDC slotless technology provides long lasting and reliable operation
  • Robust motor to sustain shock and vibration

Customization Options

  • Multiple windings and gearboxes to tailor speed and torque
  • Special materials to withstand shock, high duty cycles and temperature constraints
  • Motor integration into the device to save weight and reduce size
  • Temperature probe for optimized thermal management
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