Infusion Systems

Precision Motors for Medical Infusion Systems

Precision Motors for Medical Infusion Systems

Portescap has been providing breakthrough motion solutions that have fueled Infusion Systems innovations for over 40 years. Portescap can reduce pump size with high power density motors down to 8mm diameter, improve battery life with Coreless DC Brushed motors up to 90% efficient, and lower cost of care with price-to-performance optimized platforms and cost saving customizations. From the first ambulatory insulin pumps to today’s smart pumps, Portescap's high quality and reliability have been proven through countless life improving therapies worldwide.

Early engagement with Portescap’s dedicated Infusion Systems Design Engineers accelerates your design process and opens the door for unique motion concepts. Our Engineers are available for on-site consultations as early as the ideation stage, when they can be the most impactful to the success of the final design. These committed resources start from day 1 to help designers achieve the optimal design with reduced time to market.

Typical Motor Requirements 

  • Reliability

  • Power density for compact size

  • High efficiency

  • Low noise

  • Accuracy & Precision

  • Value optimized motor designs

Insulin Pumps

Coreless DC motors allow for miniaturization, mobility and efficiency while optimizing delivery control and safety.


Home Infusion Pumps

Mini motors allow for compact pump design with longer battery life.

Electric Motor Powered Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Hospital Infusion Pumps

High torque density DC motors help reduce the size and battery life of your mobile clinical pumps.

Hospital Infusion Pump with Medical DC Motor


High power density motors and linear motors can help reduce the size of your auto-injector.

Linear Motor Driven Auto-Injector

Ambulatory Enteral Feeding Pumps

Cost optimized low noise DC coreless gearmotors allow for compact pump design with longer battery life.


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