Auto Injector Motor


Auto Injector

For long-term but intermittent dose regimens, drug therapy patients require small, discreet, and reliable injection devices that can be taken with them as they go about their day. Because high viscosity drugs or large volume injections require either a high force to be applied or long injection times, motorized auto-injectors are often preferred over manual syringes.

Portescap's high power density motors and linear motion assemblies help reduce the size of the auto-injector while maintaining high force for faster injection times or smaller diameter and less painful needles. Portescap's low noise gearboxes also improve discretion while administering a dose in public settings. Their high efficiency also provides greater freedom by increasing battery life or further reducing size by shrinking the battery.


  • High power density motors for smaller and more ergonomic auto-injector designs
  • Quality components for longer life and lower average cost of care
  • Low noise for discreet administration in public settings
  • Efficient motors for longer battery life or reduced charge time
  • Low starting voltage for low voltage battery operation

Customization Options

  • Compact integrated linear solutions with gearing and encoder
  • Plastic or helical gears for additional noise reduction
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to accommodate specific power inputs
  • High-level assembly integration
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • Ball bearing options for longer life under side loads
  • Cost optimized designs for high volume manufacturability
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