Medical Motors

Medical Motors

When you need to put the most power and precision in the smallest of spaces, you can depend on the engineering experience, application support and manufacturing excellence of Portescap. Originated in Switzerland, Portescap, with a line up including sterilizable brushless DC slotted motors, is a recognized leading expert in miniature motors and precision motion control solutions for the medical market. Our success stems from the highly collaborative environment we create between customers and our sales and engineering teams. Our medical motors power surgical hand tools, medical pumps, lab automation and ventilation equipment and several other medical devices.

Count on low vibration and noise levels and reduced EMI/RFI emissions, while at the same time you can expect consistency and repeatability in motors designed to deliver more power in a smaller space. Need a custom fit? Complete customizable assemblies can include encoders, gearheads, intricate shafts and modified design configurations to reduce assembly costs while providing a precise, high-powered component. Whatever your next design challenge, Portescap can deliver your exact performance needs in a small, ergonomic miniature medical motor package.

Typical Motor Requirements 

Respiratory and Ventilation Devices

Brushless DC motors provide responsiveness and efficiency for improved patient acceptance and extended device life.

Respiratory and Ventilation Devices

Radiation Treatment Therapy

Coreless Brush DC motors provide high precision, power and acceleration for improved radiation treatment results.

Radiation Treatment Therapy

Lab Automation

Highly precise and responsive motors allow for optimization of the processing of samples.

Lab Automation

Biopsy Systems

Power faster, less invasive and more accurate biopsy procedures using high precision miniature motors.

Motors for Biopsy Systems

Medical Pipettes

Compact and efficient motor solutions allow for faster dispensing times while maintaining accuracy.

Motors for Medical Pipettes

Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment Devices

Brushless DC and coreless brush DC motors allow for improved ergonomics and device performance.

Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment Devices

Mesotherapy Guns

Compact and efficient motor solutions allow for faster micro-injections while maintaining accuracy.

Miniature Motors for Mesotherapy Guns


Brushless flat DC and DC coreless motors are ideal for exoskeleton applications providing long battery operating time in a lightweight package.

Motors for Exoskeleton Systems

Ultrasound Transducers

Precise motion dynamic, repeatable transducer positioning for 2D and 3D applications.

Ultrasound Transducer Precision Electric Motion

Dental Hand Tools

Portescap’s motors are ideal for dental hand tools in applications such as odontology and endodontics equipment.

Miniature Motors for Dental Hand Tools