Minimotors for Medical Analyzers


Medical Analyzers

With its coreless brushed and brushless DC motors, Portescap solves various motion needs in clinical analyzers from sample draw on assays to rapid scanning and detection of molecular structures in liquids and gases. For high throughput applications – those where over 1,000 assays are analyzed in an hour – high efficiency and higher-speed motors such as coreless brush DC and disc magnet stepper are an optimal choice. Their low rotor inertia and short mechanical time constant make them ideally suited for such applications.

A vital analyzer function is collecting samples from the vials or assays and serving them up to measurement systems based on photometry, chromatography, or other laboratory techniques. Due to the power it packs in a small frame size, a coreless brush DC motor is highly applicable here. You can maximize your application's productivity with a 16 mm or 22 mm workhorse from Portescap.


  • Technology options for optimum motion solutions
  • Precise positioning
  • High speed and high acceleration allows for increased throughput

Customization Options

  • Ball bearings for longer life
  • Encoders for position feedback
  • Custom shafts and mountings
  • Gearboxes for increased torque
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