Motors for Medical Pipettes



Used in molecular biology and analytical chemistry as well as in many medical tests, electronic pipettes allow for accurate and repeatable delivery of samples and reagents while reducing the risk of repetitive-strain injury. Portescap’s compact efficient medical motors allow electronic pipettes to be more ergonomic and to dispense faster and for a longer period of time before needing to be recharged. Portescap’s integral linear actuation system simplifies and accelerates the design of new-generation handheld devices while their superior actuation force allows for a wider range and a larger amount of substances to be dispensed in multi-channel solutions.


  • Improved ergonomics due to compact integrated solutions
  • High-efficiency for longer operation time on battery power
  • High-count encoder for accuracy of fluid delivery
  • Rapid time-to-market through integrated linear solutions
  • Reliability of precious metal brushes or brushless technologies
  • Increase throughput driven by highly dynamic solutions

Customization Options

  • Lead screw integration
  • Winding voltage adjustment
  • Custom lead screw pitch
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