Motors for Radiotherapy and Imaging


Radiation Treatment Therapy

3-D conformal radiation therapy (3DCRT) and image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) are becoming preferred ways to externally treat malignant cells with radiation because of their effectiveness and ability to reduce chances of patient collateral tissue damage.

Portescap miniature motor solutions precisely position radiation blocking leafs that form the radiation beam used to treat a patient. Portescap's high power density motors move leafs rapidly to ensure precise positioning during treatment and to help reduce treatment time. Portescap's precious-metal REE commutation system helps prolong motor life to allow for less device maintenance and downtime and lower total motor replacement cost to the end customer.


  • High power density allows for faster beam shaping
  • Extended life brush and commutation designs
  • High-count encoders enable precise leaf positioning
  • Compact size allows for smaller overall devices

Customization Options

  • Custom integrated motor, gearing and encoder solutions
  • Magnetic coil optimization to provide the exact torque and speed required
  • Customized encoder count to enable exact positioning
  • Radiation sustaining materials
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