Respiratory and Ventilation Motors



With the increasing need for patients to be mobile, both in the hospital and in a home setting, the need for highly capable, efficient and portable ventilators has increased.

Portescap’s highly efficient slotless brushless DC ventilation motors have helped reduce the size of motor-blower assemblies while providing higher pressure and flow. Portescap's low inertia brushless design achieves rapid step response to maximize patient acceptance in bi-level and volume-controlled operating modes. Quiet, reliable and efficient, Portescap medical motors can effectively power ventilator blowers on battery at night, during inter-hospital transport, in emergency vehicles or comfortably in a stationary home or hospital setting.


  • Over 90% efficiency to allow for increased device battery life and battery operation
  • Optimized high speed operation up to 70,000 rpm
  • Powerful – able to provide up to 180W power at 50,000 rpm
  • Smooth rotational motion thanks to slotless design for reduced operational noise

Customization Options

  • High level impeller or blower assembly for cost-effective flow generation function
  • Bearing upgrade for operation in oxygen enriched mode
  • Custom front-flange to accommodate blower assembly
  • Integrated thermistor for thermal management and increased reliability
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