Clinical Diagnostics

Motion Technology in Clinical Diagnostics

Laboratory Automation

Clinical diagnostics machines typically have multiple motion axes that work independently or in tandem to accomplish various tasks. These axes require multiple and different motion solutions to maximize system throughput. From X-Y-Z movement to precise fluid handling and dispensing using motorized pipettes or miniature pumps, Portescap offers the required breadth of motor technology to optimize each axis and to meet your application needs.

Typical Motor Requirements 

Other Applications 

Gas and Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Medical Analyzers

Multiple technology options address any motion requirement in the system.

Medical Analyzers Using Coreless DC Motors

Diagnostic Analyzers

Highly precise and responsive mini motors allow for optimization of the processing of samples.



Portescap provides high acceleration, low inertia and compact design to drive critical microscope functions such as aperture and focus control.



Compact and efficient motor solutions allow for faster dispensing while maintaining accuracy.

Motorized Pipettes using DC motors

Sample Prep Workstation

Low inertia solutions increase machine throughput.


Miniature Pumps

DC, Brushless and Stepper options provide flexibility to meet application demands.

Miniature Motors for Miniature Pumps

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