Mini Motors for Robotic Applications

Mini Motors for Robotic Applications

Robotics is among the fastest growing technologies today, transforming a multitude of segments in consumer, industrial and commercial applications. Portescap continues to drive improvements in the performance, efficiency and precision of these robotic applications while lowering the overall footprint of the motion system. The innovation from Portescap helps power the robots of today and beyond.

Portescap's motor solutions provide the high speed you need without compromising on precision and accuracy, and all in a compact package. Additional accessories such as gearheads, to help adapt the motor speed and increase the torque output, and encoders for precise control and feedback, can help fine tune the motor solution to your specific requirements.

Portescap miniature brush dc, brushless dc, and stepper motors can be found in the most challenging robotic applications, including collaborative robots, grippers, service robots, prosthetics, exoskeletons, and rehabilitation devices all the way to life critical tools such as surgical robots. Our motors are optimized to your most challenging requirements, whether you require a specific torque and speed or a delicate balance of both. Portescap also offers various customization capabilities to help optimize a complete and robust solution, including temperature probes for thermal management, special materials, connectors, different coil impedance, shaft lengths, and various mechanical integration options.

Typical Motor Requirements 

  • Compact and lightweight motors for a decreased footprint with increased production

  • High efficiency with low power consumption

  • Maximum power density

  • Robust designs for all environmental situations

  • Low inertia and high speed reduces cycle time

LiDar (Light Detection and Ranging)

Brushless DC motors provide a fine balance of speed and torque with low power consumption.

Motors for LiDar Applications

Surgical Robotics

Mini motors for high precision and unparalleled performance in surgical robotics systems.

Motors for Surgical Robotics

Bionics & Exoskeleton Systems

DC and BLDC motors provide long battery operating time in a lightweight package.

Motors for Bionics & Exoskeleton Systems

Electric Grippers for Robotics

DC motors allow rapid close and high torque for flexible automation.

Electric Grippers for Robotics

Service Robotics

DC motors provide a low moment of inertia and long battery operating time in a lightweight package.


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