Motors for Surgical Robotics


Surgical Robotics

As robotic surgery becomes more widely used for different surgical procedures from traditional orthopedics to minimally invasive general surgery, device designers need more diverse types of motors for an array of different applications. Portescap's wide portfolio of motor technologies and drives, and extensive experience in surgical applications make Portescap a comprehensive supplier for your robotics development needs.

Portescap's sterilizable brushless DC product line provides motors with high speed, torque and precision to power any endoscopic, arthroscopic, or orthopedic end effector.

For other motion requirements such as joint manipulation, articulation, haptics, or other actuation outside the sterile field - Portescap’s extensive line of miniature motors can provide the precise positioning needed for robotic motion control, including coreless and iron core Brush DC, linear stepper, and other motor technologies.

Our motors can be found in a wide variety of surgical robotic applications, including: Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Robotic Surgery Systems, Robotically Assisted Surgical Devices (RASD), Smart Hand Tools, and Guidance & Navigation Systems.


  • High speed, torque, feedback and precise position control
  • Customizable mechanical interfaces for seamless integration into the end device
  • Customizable magnetic coil design to provide the exact motor torque and speed performance needed
  • Standard sterilizable surgical motors are designed and tested to 1,000+ autoclave cycles – custom designs can be designed to achieve 3,000+ cycles

Customization Options

  • Encoder feedback precision at or above 2,048 counts per rotation
  • Autoclavable designs available
  • Complete electromagnetic and mechanical customization is available
  • Experience with integrated brakes, chucks, and other motion control components
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