Surgical Power Tools

Surgical Power Tool Motors

Surgical Motor Solutions. Custom Engineered for Critical Performance.

Powered surgical hand tools rely on high performance mini motors for optimal surgical outcomes. Portescap has over 20 years of experience designing and developing high-quality sterilizable motor solutions for your most performance-critical surgical power tools.

From a standard offering to a fully customized solution, you have a wide variety of choices. Our design engineers will work with you hand in hand to help you find and design the perfect reliable solution that fits your needs, be it long life or shorter surgery time.

Our success stems from the highly collaborative environment we create between customers and engineering team. Working with us in your initial design concept can help avoid trial & error experiments and circumvent project cost and time overruns. With prototypes available to ship in as little as 10 days, call us today to speak with a surgical motor design engineer. Read more about our solutions for surgical motors.

Typical Motor Requirements 

  • Sterilization

  • Reliability

  • High power and performance

  • High motor efficiency

  • Precise control

  • Low vibration

Orthopedic Surgical Reamers

High-peak torque motors with long life can help maximize battery life.

Mini Motors for Orthopedic Reamers

Powered ENT / Neuro and Spine Drills

Sterilizable motors provide high speed and precision control in a compact size.

Powered ENT / Neuro and Spine Drills

Small, Medium and Large Orthopedic Drills

Sterilizable brushless DC custom designed motors (+1000 autoclavable cycles) allow drills to be lightweight, powerful and cost effective.

Large Orthopedic Drills Powered by Portescap Motors

Large Bone Orthopedic Saws

Sterilizable brushless motors provide the high torque to power through the most difficult procedures.

High Powered Motor—Orthopedic Saws

Arthroscopic Shavers

Deliver up to 30% more torque with autoclavable brushless motors (+1,000 autoclavable cycles).

Arthoscopic Shavers Using DC Motors

Surgical Staplers

Our high-torque motors allow for smooth, one-handed operation.

Surgical Staplers Powered by Mini Medical Motors

Powered ENT Instruments

Sterilizable brushless motors provide the power needed in a lightweight ergonomic package.

Powered ENT Debirder

Surgical Robots

Our extensive motor portfolio provides the precision and performance needed for all robotic motion applications.

Surgical Robots

Powered Plastic Surgery Devices

Power delicate skin graph devices or liposuction tools with high power mini brush or brushless DC motors.

Motors for Powered Plastic Surgery Devices

Powered Surgical Screwdrivers

Portescap offers sterilizable slotted BLDC motors to withstand the repeated autoclave cycles of reusable surgical screwdrivers.

Miniature Motors for Powered Surgical Screwdrivers

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