Motors for Surgical Robots


Medical Surgical Robots

As robotic surgery becomes more widely used for different surgical procedures, robotic devices need increasingly greater types of motors for different applications. Portescap's wide portfolio of motor technologies and extensive experience in the medical space make Portescap a one-stop location for all of your robotic device development needs.

Portescap's large-size high-torque DC motors fitted with hall sensors or step technology provides the precise positioning needed for intricate robot motion control. Additionally, Portescap's autoclavable DC product line provides high-speed, high-torque, high-precision, reusable motors that can be used to power any endoscopic, arthroscopic, or orthopedic end surgical tool needed.

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  • A wide product portfolio able to provide virtually all robotic motion needs from a single vendor
  • Full motion solutions able to provide high speed, torque, feedback and precise position control
  • Customizable mechanical interfaces for seamless integration into the end device
  • Customizable magnetic coil design to provide the exact motor torque and speed performance needed
  • Sterilizable motors capable of 1,000+ autoclave cycles available to help reduce end user replacement costs

Customization Options

  • Encoder feedback precision up to 512 counts per rotation in a small integrated package
  • Custom output shaft and interface features
  • Front and side lead wire output available for ease of assembly and configuration
  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs
  • Autoclavable or non-autoclavable designs available
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