Mini Motors for Orthopedic Reamers


Surgical Drill

Today's orthopedic reamers are very demanding in terms of power/torque requirements and need for increased cycle life for reliable power on demand with consistent performance throughout surgery procedures.

The needs of high powered surgical reamers are perfectly suited for Portescap's Surgical Motor Solutions product line. These slotted brushless DC motors feature a magnetic coil design that provides extremely high-peak torque to enable surgeons to ream through the toughest bone with the smallest motor possible. To offer long life and low total cost-of-ownership to the end customer in the field, Portescap's slotted brushless mini motors are sterilizable and designed to withstand 3,000+ autoclave cycles to deliver highest reliability in the operating room with high efficiency to maximize device battery life.


  • High torque for increased surgeon control & device power
  • Lower cost of ownership / increased instrument life / lower service cost (products designed to withstand over 3,000+ autoclave cycles)
  • Lightweight and low vibration for increased surgeon tactile feel and reduced fatigue
  • High efficiency for smaller hand tool design and increased ergonomics/battery life

Customization Options

  • Electrical magnetic coil customization to meet exact device torque and speed needs
  • Custom output shaft and housing interface features
  • High-level assembly integration
  • Custom mechanical designs for added reliability
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