Motors for Power Hand Tools


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When productivity becomes a challenge, efficient power hand tools are the solution to save time and increase throughput. From assembly tools to pruning shears, used in contexts as varied as manufacturing environments and vineyards, accuracy and reliable duty cycles are the most important factors. Portescap motors, both in corded and cordless power tools, offer high torque-to-weight ratio, lower noise and high efficiency, and enable electric tools to offer best-in-class performance compared to other technologies such as pneumatic or fuel-powered.


  • High torque density enables smaller and lighter tools
  • High efficiency increases battery life and duty cycles
  • Low noise and vibration improves work environment
  • High speed reduces cycle time

사용자 정의 옵션

  • Multiple windings and gearboxes to tailor speed and torque
  • Sleeve or ball bearing
  • Shaft length and diameter
  • Special materials to withstand shock, high duty cycles and temperature constraints
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