Spare Parts

Portescap's Brush DC, Brushless DC, Gearheads, and Stepper Motors can be found in a wide variety of applications and devices.  We currently offer our standard catalog products for repair and spares only. It is highly likely that your motor is either a proprietary motor or an obsolete motor.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer repairs and spares for obsolete and proprietary motors and it is best to contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your device.

To determine if your product is standard or proprietary, please see the below information and review against your motor part number.  If your product is offered in our standard catalog, please click the Contact Us link below and submit a request. An Applications Sales Engineer will be in contact with you shortly.

spare parts

Brush DC Coreless35 N T 2R 82 426E 50
Brushless DC Slotless22 BHM 8B P 1
Ultra EC Series22ECS45 10B 24 1
GearheadR 22 0 190
Can Stack Motor26M048D2B
Can Stack DLA20DAM10D2U-L


Winding: The standard windings are listed on the catalog page for each model.  If the winding is listed in the catalog, please move forward and check the execution code. If the winding is not in the catalogue then you have a proprietary or obsolete motor, please contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your device

Execution Code: The standard execution codes are listed on the catalog page for each model.  The execution code can be 1 or 2 digits. If the execution code is not in the catalogue then it’s a proprietary or obsolete motor, please contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your device

Stepper: If the part starts with an S or end with an S and numerical code or if the winding is not 1B,2B,1U, or 2U then it’s a proprietary or obsolete motor.  Please contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer of your device.


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