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Size 9 Brushless Slotted DC Motors for Small Bone Orthopedic Applications
Sterilizable surgical motor solution with optimal torque and speed

  • Available in 9.6 V - 1.1 K RPM, and 9.6 V - 12.8 K RPM versions
  • Tested to withstand 1,000+ sterilization cycles
  • Lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximize tactical response
  • Speeds up to 35,000 RPM

35ECS Ultra EC Brushless Slotless Motor
High performance motors designed to sustain extremely demanding repetitive working cycles

  • 2 pole slotless
  • 40,000 RPM max continuous speed
  • 1,000 cycle autoclavability
  • Optimized thermal behavior in repetitive cycles with high peak load

22ECT Ultra EC Brushless Slotless Motor
Brushless motors offer almost 50 percent more continuous torque over comparative motor

  • 4 pole brushless slotless
  • Digital hall sensors and 3 standard coils available
  • 20,000 RPM max continuous speed
  • In-handle form factor for easy mechanical integration

30ECT Ultra EC Brushless Slotless Motor
High torque in a compact package

  • High peak torque design
  • Up to 225 mNm continuous torque
  • 30,000 RPM max continuous speed
  • Rugged design: stainless steel and laser welded flange

New Product Catalog
Comprehensive catalog featuring all product offerings.

  • Technology overview
  • Electrical and mechanical specifications
  • Engineering notes and application examples
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Surgical Motor Solutions

Designed and manufactured in the USA, our Surgical Motor Solutions (SMS) products are custom engineered for high reliability and the exacting specifications of surgical hand tool and surgical robotic applications.

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Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors

The three families of Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors not only meet a high range of requirements, but include our patented U coil for excellent performance, minimal iron losses and maximum efficiency

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Athlonix DC Motors

Althlonix DC Motors utilize an energy efficient coreless motor design to provide high power density with the proper balance to meet all your performance requirements

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Brushless DC Motors

A Brushless DC Motor offers a great combination of durability, efficiency, torque and speed in a compact package suitable for your application

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Brush DC Motors

Brush DC Motors are small but with high power density to provide the advantages of low friction, low starting voltages, minimal iron losses and superb speed-to-torque performance

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Disc Magnet Motors

Disc Magnet Motors are advanced micro stepper motors which supply exceptional dynamic motor performance, finer step resolutions and higher acceleration unparalleled by any other stepper motor on today's market

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Can Stack Motors

Our Can Stack Motors are long life, high performance stepper motors with open loop control solutions, converting electrical pulses into mechanical movements using the simplest techniques making them suitable for many applications

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Linear Stepper Motor

Linear stepper actuators create translational motion, coupling directly to the load to achieve incremental linear displacement without position feedback while delivering high linear force in a small design

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Portescap provides a variety of gearheads, encoders, and drives usable with a wide range of motors to optimize your motor performance

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