Sterilizable Motors Design Capabilities

Custom BLDC Design Shafts

Portescap offers a variety of custom design options to help create a perfect fit solution for your surgical power hand tool. Our experienced engineering and operations staff have designed, built, tested and troubleshot quality concerns for our surgical power tool customers for over 20 years.

Longer life and reliability to withstand harsh environments  (Sterilizable design)

  • Stator & hall sensor encapsulation to withstand autoclave, dishwasher and saline environments
  • Bearing, gear, and grease material to prolong clinical life
  • In-house capability to test for load and sterilization/dish washer cycles

BLDC slotted technology – An advantage for Surgical power hand tools and medical devices exposed to harsh environment

  • Improved encapsulation of windings providing enhanced autoclavability and survivability
  • Improved heat dissipation enabling higher continuous stall torque
  • Smaller Air Gap enabling lower rotor inertia
  • Improved di-electric characteristics (Upto 1500Volts AC or above available on request)
  • Skewed stator design available to minimize cogging in low speed applications
  • Customized Speed/Torque per customer's input (Peak vs Continuous Torque)
  • Thermal analysis and/or testing to meet customer’s motor case temperature requirements

Mechanical and Electrical Customization enhancements

  • Modifications to motor electromagnetic system  to hit specific working points and performance
  • Modifications to mechanical features to integrate and mate with system design
  • Cannulated shaft options (including GH)


Custom Design Capability Examples

Design Options Design Details Design Benefits
Custom shaft design Custom designed motor output shafts
Custom seals and coatings integrated to shaft
Gearhead configurations (custom size, custom ratios)
Easy plug and play with end effectors/blade assembly & efficient design
Reliability and long life
Customized Housings Integrated housing (plug & play)
Custom housing with integrated (cannulated) pathway for suctioning of fluids
Custom housings integrated with anti-rotation and mounting flanges
Lower cost (shorter bill of material
Supply chain consolidation
Lower weight/less fatigue/Lower enveloper/Integrated Cooling/Longer life (fluid pathways)
Customized Pin Connections and Lead Wires Custom pin configuration
Custom lead wires and colors
Easy plug & play with cable assembly
Sturdy design (no leadwire breaks or nicks)
Better reliability (avoid moisture ingress)
Poke Yoke and easy during assembly
Custom PCB Layouts Custom PCB layout and encapsulation
Integrated flex cable & PCB
Easy integration with drive/controllers & onboard electronics
Custom laminations and windings Special lamination material
Windings customized for optimal input voltage
Withstand higher temperatures and corrosive environment
Higher power density
Optimal motor performance
Testing & qualification support on request Motor lifecycle test (autoclave and dishwasher)
Motor load/Stress test (specific load points can be simulated for durability)
Motor exposed to Saline test
Pre-empt failure and countermeasure design
Estimated approximate life for warranty purposes
Faster time to market as OEM can focus on critical design aspects
Optimal use of design engineers (focus on design and POC/protos than testing)
Utilize Portescap expertise in standard testing of established protocols

Sterilizable Motors - Custom Design Capabilities

Custom Housings
Customized housings
Custom Leadwires
Customized pin connections and lead wires
Custom PCBS
Customized PCB layouts